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  • Should I get my bike tuned?

Most bikes don't require remap, reflash, or tuners like Power Commander, however, we do recommend it for some European bikes like 2019-on BMW S1000RR and Ducati V4. More details are available in the description of each model.

  • How's the HP gain measured? 

We have our own dyno and we always use the same bike, settings, fuel, and temperature conditions to provide reliable results. All numbers are achieved without tuning the ECU and gasoline with 25 - 27% ethanol. 

  • Will I get the same HP gains described?

You may get better results and here's why. All tests are made in Brazil where the gasoline contains 25-27% of ethanol. Ethanol has less energy efficiency than gasoline. The energy content in ethanol is 33% lower than in gasoline. This means that the engine power will be lowered when the ethanol content goes up. 

  • Why do I hear pops and bangs from the exhaust?
The engine backfires on deceleration are also caused by the too-lean air/fuel ratio - A lot of people think that the backfire/popping in the exhaust is caused by a mixture too rich, but it's actually the other way around. They're harmless to the engine though. 
  • Will the exhaust cause a Servo Motor Error Light on in my dash?

We send a block-off plate for some Suzuki models, however, some European bikes require a remap or a servo motor eliminator, also known as Servo Buddy or HealTech Exhaust Servo Motor ES Eliminator. Japanese bikes are not that picky about it. 

  • Is the dB Killer included? 

Yes, for most models we included it for free, however, the dB killer is not compatible with only a couple of models.

  • What is the dB level?

It varies between slip-on and full exhausts. Slip-ons that keep the catalytic converter are quieter, around 95-98 dB in mid-range rpm. Full exhausts are louder due to the removal of the catalytic converter and produce about 100-102 dB on most bikes. All Ducati Engines are naturally loud and may reach up to 108 dB. With a dB killer, the noise levels are reduced by about 2 dB.

  • Does the exhaust include the bung for the O2 sensor?
Yes, all exhausts come with the hole(s) to fit the stock O2 sensor(s) when needed. Some bikes in specific countries may not have the O2 sensor and the hole can be close with a simple oil pan plug found online or at Auto Parts Stores. The thread of the plugs may vary. Just ask us. 

  • Is it homologated or compliant with Euro 4/5/6... regulations?

Even though we ship to Europe every day, like most sports exhausts, ours are not homologated or certified for street use.

  • Is there a Military Discount?

We no longer offer an exclusive discount for Military, First Responders, Government Employees, and Teachers. 

  • I received an e-mail from DHL saying:
    "Your order has a delivery exception" or "Your order has a delivery exception"
    What does it mean?
It means that it's either been processed by customs to leave the country or waiting for the next available flight to the destination.
Don't worry, that's normal. DHL will contact you directly with the details if needed. 
  • How long does it take to deliver my order?
The exceptional demand for our high-quality and affordable items means orders typically take 30-45 days to complete but we're working hard to reduce it though. Rest assured, once ready, we use DHL Express for delivery, ensuring your parcel reaches you in just 5 to 12 days. We understand waiting can be tough, but the quality and savings are worth it.
  • When the tracking number will be available?
DHL will send you notifications when they receive the package from the local carrier. The tracking number will be available on your order and sent to your e-mail when the label is created. It doesn't necessarily mean that the package is ready to be shipped out. Just sit and relax. The parcel will be trackable when it arrives at the DHL main hub, a few days after being shipped out and it will be delivered to your door really fast! 
  • Why is the tracking number not showing where my package is?
The parcel will be trackable when it arrives at the DHL main hub, a few days after it ships and it will be delivered to your door quickly! You can install the app SHOP, by Shopify, and get notifications for each update of the delivery, without the need for constant verification. DHL will also send notifications to your e-mail and/or phone. 
  • What is your return policy?
We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return. To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, in its original packaging. Please read all the information provided below. https://csracingusa.com/policies/refund-policy 
  • Do I have to pay taxes? 

Each country has its own regulations and duties/taxes may be charged.
We're not responsible for it.